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History of FAPA Canada

The Formosan Association for Public Affairs Canada (FAPA Canada) was originally established in Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver as a chapter of FAPA USA in 1984. In December 1993, the Canadian chapters of FAPA were transformed into an independent, non-profit organization to deal with Canada-Taiwan relations more efficiently. FAPA Canada has been active in promoting human rights, freedom, and democracy on Taiwan. With the achievement of democratic consolidation on Taiwan, FAPA Canada has switched its focus to promoting Taiwan's status in the international community and safeguarding Taiwan's sovereignty.

The membership of FAPA Canada spans across a broad range of age groups. FAPA Canada takes an active role in cultivating a good relationship with the Canadian parliament; encouraging Canada-Taiwan political, economical, and cultural exchanges; and informing politicians and policy makers about the aspirations of the Taiwanese people.

For information regarding FAPA Canada and our activities, please contact: info@fapacanada.org

Questions or comments regarding this website can be sent to webmaster@fapacanada.org